Known for her covers for several bands La Dee Eda made a successful start releasing her first single "Black Bird".

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"La Dee Eda is featuring "Everything is A Dream" with her bright voice. The moment we listen to the song we tag it "Local Kavisky". The aesthetic sense of the video makes the song's addictive melody more meaningful."
Play Tusu

"La Dee Eda is welcoming us with her powerful vocals
in songs 'Joyride' and 'Intuition'."
Milliyet Sanat

"Fed from jazz roots and surrounded by indie-pop"
Hafif Müzik

"Eda is collecting all the attention with her first single."
N'olmuş Magazine

"You can feel that beautiful breeze coming from a songwriter who composes with the piano."
Pürtelaş, Listelist

"Built around the piano line, came to life with La Dee Eda's pure and beautiful voice 'Black Bird'."
The Rave Magazine

"A composer at the piano with a bright voice: La Dee Eda's debut song 'Black Bird'."
Sanat Blog

"She's busy keeping our curiosity level up high. Looking forward to learn tour dates already."
Avaz Avaz

"Generously sharing a musical treasure."
Türkiye'den Alternatif Sesler

"360 degree musician"

"We are witnessing La Dee Eda's deep and strong vocals"
Radio Mood

"She's busy keeping our curiosity level up high.
looking forward to next concerts already."
Avaz Avaz