Hüma Utku aka. R.A.N is an electronic music artist influenced by psychology, literature, nature, experience, observations and music. Considering the notion of time in our era, that all is fast and blurred, R.A.N is a journey to slowly contemplate on things in our surroundings. Turbulence and introversion are in the core of the sounds. Born as a result of leaving Home – R.A.N generates a new entity, where one loses the self to embark on further explorations.

'Her Trembling Ceased', the artist's debut LP under the moniker, has been released in February 2015 via Partapart Records. The album is a journey of transformation from chaos to order. What is surrounded by entropy at the dawn – struggles blended with joy, excitements of all kinds – goes through a change in the form, appearance and character that follows the path to the ceasing of the trembling. Along with the sweat of nights, childish expectations and grown-up conclusions are in the tranquilising, dark, ambient sounds.