The Away Days - Your Colour (Single) [PAR006]

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The Away Days, an indie pop band from Istanbul released their long waited single "Your Colour" with remixes from Oguz Can Ozen and Ah! Kosmos.

mondual - dubio [PAR005]

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mondual released their debut album, 'dubio', from Partapart Records in March 2014.

Mind Shifter - Another Life EP [PAR004]

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Mind Shifter returns with Another Life EP. Four tracks showcase more of his post-retro sound and unique style.

Artwork by Emir Arkman

Emea - Mountains & Emotions [PAR003]

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Emea is Miquel Alzanillas, born in 1985 on the island of Mallorca, is a young producer that grabs you with its precious sound. This one distinguishes itself by beautiful arpeggios and melancholic melodies, they moves you inexorably to a magic landscape where they coexist with "voice repeats", "breaks", and stronger "beats"when is required.

Moutains & Emotions is the debut album from Emea. Formed by four original tracks and three remixes by Sau Poler, Men With A Plan and Defled. Love, sadness and unhinged from the depths of the soul.

Mind Shifter - Disconnected Space [PAR002]

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Mind Shifter aims to replace the regime of totalitarian music, where on minds, dictates that you hear what you want to hear. 

goodgame - Until Next Infinity [PAR001]

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goodgame brings danceable 4/4 beats, warm basslines, cinematic chord phrases, and elements of rock together, creating uptempo tunes with a mesmerizing feeling. 

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