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Feature: Don The Toga

Samuel Brown AKA Don The Toga released 2 EP's with us. We know him quite well and love his music pretty much so we thought you too might be interested in his approach to music and everything that surrounds it.

how does music occupy your daily life - physically and mentally?

Physically I bang and tap on most surfaces. Metal sinks are a favourite (some ceramic ones too), you can get so many tones out of the good ones when they resonate, tables of course, doors, walls, the lids to pots or pans, the little window on the microwave, the wooden frame of my current bed, ones chest. It sounds wanky, but I once played an espresso coffee machine (with knives or something) in the kitchen of a music venue I worked at (with my mate Nigel on Spoons), for a joke after a somewhat famous full-on flamenco band (complete with dancers) played there. A couple of the female performers came into the grimy kitchen after the show all in red and feisty and started clapping and dancing. That machine sounded great, especially when the steam wand was incorporated.. Anyway, I'm babbling..

Mentally theres often a shitty song stuck in my head from the TV or the radio, it causes me a bit of distress, I hate listening to the same things over and over in a short period of time, especially if it's a crappy jingle.. actually even good music, when I hear it too much, makes me angry. 

Otherwise, as I imagine it is for most people, music for me is a vehicle for nostalgia, a magical means of transportation, somewhat akin to food in its ability to move you emotionally to another time or place. I suppose certain drugs can do that too, maybe that's why people often mix them all together.

how does the city you live in shape your music emotionally and sound wise?

Only the the extent that the city influences me emotionally, whether or not I'm depressed there, or content. I wouldn't say that the angular architecture of the city or something changes my choice of synth, or that If I find myself In a quiet and beautiful landscape I'm suddenly going to start sounding like Sigur Ros. It's more the musical input/progress with an instrument, that effects my output. 


have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet? 

I haven't to my knowledge, nor do I honestly ever expect to.

how has one non-musical subject affected your music?

It's hard to say, We're all such amalgamations of our experiences and our genes. I don't think we can honestly pinpoint all of our influences.. We might be subconsciously inspired by the shitty jingle for cocopops, who knows. Whatever it is, for me, it's happening mostly beneath consciousness, at least in the beginning when raw ideas are coming out, I never start by thinking "I'm going to play a beat now, in 4/4, something hip hoppy.." It just starts (whether it's crap or not).. Then maybe later consciousness comes in to try and carve out some kind of order.. I seem to have digressed again, sorry. 

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