DJ Set: Men With A Plan | May 2016

this is how we sneak and hide, laugh, sweat and stare our sock marks these days.

Imagine... You want to party but you don't want the burden of selecting the next best track while dancing. You don't want to browse your YouTube history, Spotify followers' favourites or dive into previously Shazam'ed screenshots. You want to party and you want the music take care of itself.

There comes the solution, enjoy Men With A Plan's freshly gathered, carefully juxtaposed May 2016 DJ set.

Happy New Year!

What a year we are leaving behind. Here is a little present from all Partapart artists to you: a free to download mixtape from recent and upcoming tracks of our catalogue. Enjoy!

Night Preachers - Antilife [PAR008]
Fineaway - Darkside [PAR011]
Manold - NO Courage [PAR007]
mondual - subbase [PAR005]
FAKEPAKT - Floating feat. Kendall Elijah [PAR010]
Ongun Tütüncü - Strange Birds [PAR012]
Mind Shifter - Everything Is A Dream feat. La Dee Eda [UPCOMING]
Night Preachers - Antilife (Men With A Plan Remix) [PAR008]
Astrofella - Visitors [UPCOMING]
The Away Days - Paris [PAR009]